Crystal Point’s legacy renewal tools, AppView and AppViewXS enable combining data from multiple host applications in an intuitive, easy to navigate, web-based interface.

AppView executes as a Java applet at the client workstation. Any data source accessible by the client workstation can be integrated into the user interface. If maximum terminal functionality and execution speed are your most important criteria, AppView will deliver all the performance your application users require.

AppView’s screen-based solution to renewing legacy applications is faster and more versatile than modifying host software or writing new code. AppView can save you time and money and help you avoid redevelopment hassles.

AppView provides secure Internet access to Hewlett Packard NonStop, IBM S390 and IBM AS/400 hosts. You can easily integrate host data with other server-based applications.

Crystal Point’s AppViewXS™ solution enables you to immediately web-enable your legacy application, and then seamlessly and incrementally transition to a replacement (web-tiered) application as it is created.

Unlike AppView, AppViewXS resides in the web server, and integrates enterprise applications before they reach the client. If your goal is to deliver access to occasional users over the Internet while integrating data from other sources on your network, AppViewXS is for you. AppViewXS provides reliable, secure access to host applications to create a seamless flow of information throughout an enterprise. AppView XS enables converting host based data into web formats without any real programming. It is an excellent solution for creating portals into your enterprise information and to facilitate migrating legacy systems. With AppViewXS there is no hard cut over step. The migration process from legacy to the new application is entirely transparent.

AppViewXS offers a compelling alternative to large legacy renewal and integration projects that require custom development and changes to legacy code. With AppViewXS you can implement powerful web applications with virtually no programming, and maintain the integrity of your trusted legacy assets. The AppViewXS solution is less risky, can be deployed incrementally, and provides a quick ROI by tackling the big issues first, and rolling out modernized applications in a fraction of the time previously possible.

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