NonStop Offerings

Crystal Point’s legacy renewal tools, AppView and AppViewXS enable combining data from multiple host applications in an intuitive, easy to navigate, web-based interface. (more…)

Command Stream Replicator (CSR) automatically replicates NonStop SQL/MP DDL, SQL/MX DDL and Enscribe DDL operations to the backup database – operations that are not replicated by RDF and other database replicators. (more…)

If you’re concerned about the privacy of the data residing on your NonStop system, Crystal Point’s new Security Suite is your solution. Crystal Point offers a range of solutions for accessing terminal-based applications from desktop terminal emulation through server-based interface re-engineering. With any access model, data security is a consideration. There is always some possibility that sensitive host data may be exposed to unwanted eavesdroppers on the network. (more…)

TANDsoft’s Enscribe-2-SQL Toolkit offers application developers a flexible, affordable alternative to more expensive conversion products or to manual conversion techniques. The toolkit automatically generates equivalent dynamic SQL/MP statements to access the SQL database. (more…)

FileSync software replicates and synchronizes application environments and non-database files across HP NonStop servers. (more…)

MOMI is an HP Non-Stop System Performance Monitor and Operations Utility which offers in-depth information for quick decisions on improving HP NonStop™ Integrity, HP NonStop™ Blade and HP NonStop™ S-Series performance when looking at running programs and processes. (more…)

MultiBatch is a powerful, maintainable Batch Processing environment specifically designed to exploit the HP NonStop server platform architecture both for the Guardian and Open System Services (OSS) operating systems. It allows parallel batch processing with calendar and conditional logic to occur in a single processor or multi-processors concurrently. (more…)

NetWeave is a broadbased middleware product that allows companies to interconnect their otherwise incompatible legacy computer systems (more…)

TANDsoft’s OPTA2000 is a clock and time-zone simulator for HP NonStop servers: Itanium, S-series, and Blades. (more…)

OutsideView 8.1 builds upon the .Net technology introduced in OutsideView8.0; adding additional flexibility, power and convenience to what is already the best performing, most-feature-rich NonStop terminal emulator available. For those already familiar with OutsideView, we have provided a list below of the new 8.1 features. For a comprehensive list of all features, comparing recent OutsideView versions, please click here OutsideView_VersionComparison_8.1  (more…)

Q/RESTORE is the latest addition to the QSA product line. It is a restore accelerator that provides fast access to BACKUP tape data used in conjunction with the HP RESTORE product. (more…)

Q/SPARC is a spooler archive tool that allows System Operations/Management personnel to archive spooler jobs to media or disk, and selectively restore them at a later date. (more…)

Q/SPOOL integrates and expands the functionality of SPOOLCOM and PERUSE while maintaining the command sets of both. (more…)

Q/TOS is tape Operations media management software for the HP NonStop platform.  (more…)

Q/TOS+ enhances the functionality of Q/TOS by adding support for OSS and SQL/MX. (more…)

Reflex 80:20 is a dynamic Operations and Service Management product for the HP NonStop arena and is in use in many of the world’s most demanding Financial and Telecommunications sites. It has links to HP Operations Centre and Tivoli running on IBM systems. (more…)

RTLX provides real-time monitoring of the transaction flow information created by the ACI BASE24™ and BASE24-eps™ (including Faster Payments) ATM/POS application and the NonStop EMS subsystem (more…)

Sentra automatically monitors your HP NonStop, Windows, Unix and Linux environments and provides the visual and mobile alerting, querying and reporting tools to maintain the highest levels of availability and performance for your business-critical IT services. (more…)

The TMF-Audit Toolkit easily converts non-audited TMF files to audited TMF files. No changes to Enscribe applications are necessary. (more…)

WebSphere MQ Monitoring monitors the MQ components of your system as well as the platforms and applications that they connect. It provides an overview of the health of your entire WebSphere network visible in a single console view. (more…)