M86 SecurityM86 Security is the largest provider of Secure Web Gateways and the largest independent provider of Web and e-mail content security in the world. Four leading technology companies have merged to become a full-service, single source provider of Web and e-mail gateway security, encryption and DLP solutions. Combining Web and content filtering, best-in-breed Web and e-mail security and real-time blended threat detection technology, M86 Security.

Technology Pioneers and Innovation Leaders

M86 Security provides clients with integrated Web and e-mail threat protection, including the most sophisticated Secure Web Gateway available. Their solutions protect organisations and institutions from inappropriate content, legal liability, compromised data, lost bandwidth and reduced network performance. Their e-mail and Web security products monitor and filter malware, spam, non-essential Web applications, distributed content and the many distractions associated with Web and e-mail access—whether they are part of inbound or outbound traffic. These capabilities contribute significantly to the enforcement of Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs), oversight and compliance with regulatory mandates, and maintenance of safe work/learning environments.

Staying Ahead of Threats (and the Competition)

M86 Security’s customers benefit from their proven Web and e-mail security technology, which correlates real-time intelligence to protect organizations from current and emerging threats. Some—like blended threats—are detected on-the-fly, in real time, via their patented behavioural analysis and content inspection technologies. M86 Security Labs is a specialised team of experts focused on detecting current and emerging threats, and mitigating them by distributing intelligence to the installed base of M86 Web and e-mail security products, worldwide.

Our security labs utilize both data feeds pulled from the Internet security community and internal intelligence gathered from our global deployment of products. Combined, this breadth of threat information provides comprehensive and constantly adapting defense against risks associated with Web and e-mail.

M86 Security has a range of products covering Web Security, Email Security and Endpoint Security.

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