MultiBatch is a powerful, maintainable Batch Processing environment specifically designed to exploit the HP NonStop server platform architecture both for the Guardian and Open System Services (OSS) operating systems. It allows parallel batch processing with calendar and conditional logic to occur in a single processor or multi-processors concurrently.

All job status data can be relayed to a Windows server for graphical & tabular charts, management reports & Real-Time tracking.

MultiBatch is used by some of the largest financial and central banking organisations in the HP NonStop user community. It is reliably used in contingency situations to provide an ordered and optimised strategy for site switching during Disaster Recovery and for more general NSK closedown and start-up maintenance procedures.

MultiBatch is a maintained, future-proofed product compatible with all HP NonStop system ranges (including the HP NonStop SuperCluster, Itanium and latest Integrity series). The NonStop scheduling software employs strict fault-tolerant techniques and multi-tiered job dependency structuring for the robust and efficient execution of batch schedules.

MultiBatch is one of a range of products from Insider Technologies Ltd.