Norco is a leading manufacturer of server rackmount, storage systems, network appliances, industrial PC parts and solutions.logo_norcoThe company also manufactures enclosures, primarily for industrial computers. Since its listing in 1990, the company has grown significantly in terms of revenues and profit. It now has a market capitalization of over $1 billion USD.

Develop strategic relationship with industry leaders – By working closely with top-tier chipset and bios companies, NORCO is able to predict market trends accurately and introduce new products ahead of their competitors.

Achieve further vertical integration – Further integration of the production process allows NORCO to exercise better control over the quality of its products.

Maintain technologically advanced and flexible production capabilities – This increases NORCO ‘s competitiveness relative to their peers and allows them to stay one step ahead of the opposition.

New products – NORCO leverages from their manufacturing expertise, and continues to move tirelessly into new areas of related business.

Norco provides:-

  • Storage systems
  • Server rackmount
  • Rackmount accessories
  • Network appliances
  • Industrial computers
  • Embedded systems
  • Power supplies
  • Rack cabinets

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