OutsideView 8.1 builds upon the .Net technology introduced in OutsideView8.0; adding additional flexibility, power and convenience to what is already the best performing, most-feature-rich NonStop terminal emulator available. For those already familiar with OutsideView, we have provided a list below of the new 8.1 features. For a comprehensive list of all features, comparing recent OutsideView versions, please click here OutsideView_VersionComparison_8.1 

OutsideView also supports access to IBM or UNIX® systems. It is available in both desktop and enterprise versions for automated deployment and administration of terminal access for networked workstations. Below is a  condensed version of the new capabilities and features of OutsideView 8.1.


New in OutsideView 8.1

Modernized look and feel. OutsideView offers a modernized look and feel, bringing to those who work with the application daily the ability to customize the skin of OutsideView to suit their preferences. Users can now select between tabbed and legacy windowed layouts for their workspaces. Live Thumbnail views of active sessions now available in the Session Panel.

Identity Caching. OutsideView supports (optional) designation of session ‘type,’ and encryption of user credentials into RAM. Together, these enable automatic reuse of those credentials in all sessions of the same type. This is not Kerberos single signon capability which we also support – but is functionally similar. Unlike Kerberos, which is restricted to SSH session usage, Identity Caching spans all session types (Telnet, SSL, or SSH).

Universal Editor. OutsideView now offers a syntax-aware, color-coded editor for use by programmers.

Clone Session. Have you ever needed another instance of your host sessions? OutsideView lets you duplicate a session with just a few clicks.

Context-Sensitive Toolbars. Provide labels for function keys that reflect their use in your current context.

.Net API. You now have the choice of our proprietary Visual Comm Basic macro language, or use of any .NET compatible language to extend your control over your NonStop host sessions.

Enhanced Failover capabilities. Now configure host session file with automatic alternate host:port locations. Also, configure the Enterprise resource ‘hub’ with automatic alternate locations.

Host-to-Host Transfers. Move files laterally between active File Transfer sessions.

Multiple Host Uploads. It’s now easier to distribute files to multiple systems; merely open multiple file transfer sessions, and you may send a file to any or all such connections in a single process.

Enhanced Logging. A detailed, auto-hide log extends your awareness of session activities, while added logic will automatically resolve any naming conflicts when opening multiple copies of logged sessions.

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