RTLX provides real-time monitoring of the transaction flow information created by the ACI BASE24™ and BASE24-eps™ (including Faster Payments) ATM/POS application and the NonStop EMS subsystem RTLX Reactor – ATM and POS Transaction Reactor is a Windows based solution for ATM / POS and EMS alert monitoring providing you with the visual tools you need to help ;

  • Optimize your transaction SLAs
  • Reduce ATM / POS / Switch network downtime
  • Maximize your resource utilization
  • Track all transactions and associated data values
  • Record all activity for auditing and reputation

RTLX provides a completely secure, tailorable graphical canvas to enable you to view your transaction processing real-estate at a system level, e.g. PATHWAYs, XPNET and Logical Networks, or at a business level, e.g. top 20 retailers with drill-down to card type broken down by transaction volumes, approvals, denials etc.

With RTLX, it’s easy to plug-in another file, transaction or message feed by deploying a new lean, optimised extraction client. The result is a standard approach to monitoring and querying live payment environments.

For more information visit http://www.insidertechnologies.co.uk/Products/RTLXReactor/tabid/89/Default.aspx

RTLX Reactor is one of a range of products from Insider Technologies Ltd.