Sentra automatically monitors your HP NonStop, Windows, Unix and Linux environments and provides the visual and mobile alerting, querying and reporting tools to maintain the highest levels of availability and performance for your business-critical IT services.

Sentra (Service ENgineering, TRacking and Accounting) is a client-server software application for centralised management of multi-vendor and multi-platform messaging systems. It provides extensive benefits that enable optimal availability, functionality and performance of messaging service provision.

Sentra achieves this by providing centralised alerting, escalation, intervention, tracking and reporting tools from a single console view. Sentra collects data from many sources (system components, application events, log files) and interprets them in terms of how they affect overall service provision. Real-time views mean that service levels can be proactively maintained. Historical data mining and reporting capability enables efficient resource allocation and capacity planning.

 Sentra is able to collect the appropriate data and interpret and present it in such a way to be able to rapidly identify genuine threats to service provision. This means that threats can be identified and acted upon before they turn into problems, particularly those that affect your users, customers and ultimately, your bottom line.

Once fully implemented, Sentra will produce a significant return on investment by lowering total cost of ownership (TCO), maximising resource utilisation and availability of business functions.

Sentra is one of a range of products from Insider Technologies Ltd.